Our Spring Location

10130, Grant Road at Canyon Rose (Opposite Cy-Creek High School)

Enrollment agreement

This agreement becomes binding and final should you decide to enroll your child in any of our courses.

This constitutes a binding agreement between The Test Champions, Inc. (hereinafter “MathChamps”, “ReadingChamps” Math and Reading Champs”, “we, “us” ) and the undersigned student and his or her parent or guardian (collectively hereinafter “you”).

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All payments will be done via credit card.
There is a one-time enrollment fee which will be communicated to you at the time of enrollment.

If you join your child for a month-to-month program. fee for the first month is due at the time of registering. Tuition for the next month will automatically be deducted from your credit card on the 25th of each month. For example, tuition for January will be deducted on December 25th.

Fee will automatically be withdrawn from your credit card on the 25th of every month. You will have to sign a credit card withdrawal authorization form

If you are joining the course before 15th of the month, you will be charged for the entire month. If you join the course on or after 16th of the month, you will be charged 50 % of the course fee of the month.

Registration fee is due for every new registration.
(Our preferred form of payment is through credit card. Alternately you may issue a check or pay by Cash / MO).
A $10 late fee will be assessed if tuition is not received by the first of the month

A student may be absent for two consecutive months without incurring fee or being discharged. If a student returns after a period of more than two months, a re-enrollment fee of $50 will apply. This break is allowed only once in a 12-month period. A thirty day notice is required before taking this break.

Paid tuition is non-refundable and is forfeited should a student discontinue enrollment.

Six month commitment
We encourage parents to keep their children enrolled for at least six months to see the effectiveness of the program. We require a commitment of six months of enrollment. A thirty-day written notice is required if you want to discontinue your child from the program after six months. (In cases of medical or other emergency when a 30-day notice is not possible, please contact us. We will try our best to accommodate the situation).


  • Your preference will be considered while allocating the final schedule.
  • Schedule change requests can be made within the first four working days of the month. While we will try our best to accommodate the request, there is no guarantee for the change.
  • We may reassign a student to any other time slot if we feel that it will facilitate better learning.

You warrant that you are not an agent or employee of another Math /Reading/Test preparation / tutoring company and are enrolling in this course solely to improve your knowledge. All materials and techniques are the exclusive property of The Test Champions, Inc. You agree not to disclose, reproduce or distribute any information, written or spoken, you obtained from MathChamps to any third party. MathChamps may dismiss any student who breaches this agreement or who, in MathChamp’s opinion, is disruptive.

Class cancellation - We may cancel any class. If this happens, the content that is supposed to be covered on the day will be covered in the next class.

Holidays - We will be closed on regular holidays like Memorial Day, MLK Day, President’s day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanks Giving Break, Christmas Break, , Spring Break (Klein ISD public school holiday schedule for Spring Break). If your class falls on a Holiday, the content to be covered on the day will be covered in the next class. Regardless of absences and holidays, the fee per month would be the same.

If the course itself is canceled, then We would refund the tuition (or prorated balance) within 10 business days.

You acknowledge that the tuition fee paid by you will not be refunded unless the course is canceled.

We does not sell course material. Since the program is based on tutoring and on teacher input, we strongly encourage students not to miss classes. No study material will be given out in advance or for classes missed. Worksheets/ material will be given only after the student has attended the class.

Parents are expected to leave their children and pick up their children on time. We would want the parents to be either in the waiting area or in their vehicles so they can come at the end of the schedule to pick up their children. MathChamps center cannot provide child care for parents who are late returning. We cannot be responsible for making sure the child remains on the premises. Should the child remain in the class because the parent is running late you will be charged $5 per minute for the first 10 minutes and $20 per minute thereafter. You are agreeing for MathChamps to automatically charge your credit card the amount that is due.

MathChamps may create video recordings, audio recordings, transcriptions or any combination thereof of any class (hereinafter “RECORDINGS”). You agree to allow the student to appear in any RECORDINGS and to allow MathChamps to use the student’s appearance in either any RECORDINGS or in any derivative works of RECORDINGS, or both. MathChamps will have full editorial control and ownership of all RECORDINGS. MathChamps will have the right to decide when, where, and how RECORDINGS will be used, including the right not to use RECORDINGS. You assign to MathChamps any and all right, title, and interest, including copyright rights, if any, that you might have in any RECORDINGS. MathChamps will have the right to copyright, reproduce, exhibit, perform, display, publish, distribute and transmit any RECORDINGS (or authorize others to do so) in any manner and media (including the World Wide Web) worldwide and in perpetuity. You consent to the use of the student’s likeness, still photograph, portrait, voice or any combination thereof to promote either any RECORDINGS or MathChamps, or both, and you waive any rights of privacy and publicity that you might otherwise have with regard to any RECORDINGS, any derivative work of any RECORDINGS and any promotion of any RECORDINGS. You agree that you will not be paid for the student’s appearance or participation in any RECORDINGS. You agree that you will not be paid for the rights granted in this release.