Our Spring Location

10130, Grant Road at Canyon Rose (Opposite Cy-Creek High School)

Partnering with schools

We believe in entering into partnerships with schools as it brings to the child the very best in education. Our program has been built by teachers who have taught for years and have arrived at a methodology that will help the teacher to nurture, inspire and motivate students to love learning and to challenge themselves.

All our programs are aligned with TEKS standards

Elementary Schools
Our research proves that improving Math skills of students at the elementary school level goes a long way in making them confident learners. During the formative years, this forms a strong foundation which will help them as they go forward to college and beyond. Our programs assist the teacher to introduce these kids to mild rigor while still retaining the concept of “fun while learning”.

Middle Schools
At this point of school-life, students are at a stage where they can relate to real-life applications of what they have learnt. Skills relating to questioning and finding out answers for the questions are taught. Along with improving problem solving skills, their reading comprehension and rigor in work will be solidified. This will help them in college entrance exams and in more advanced work as they move to higher grades. The program helps teachers achieve these goals.

High Schools
Preparing students to successfully finish their high school and getting them ready for college level classes will be the primary focus of these courses. We also have several enrichment courses for students that want to pursue careers in Math and Science. As part of the course, we assist the students in helping them prepare college applications and apply for scholarships. Our high school programs prepare students for Math and Science TAKS. Our courses cover Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Pre-Cal and other high school math courses. We also offer tutoring for Chemistry, Biology, Physics and other science courses.

There are three core aspects to the program

Teaching skills by Topic
The entire program is based on teaching the students a concept and helping them internalize the skill by practice at class and at home. The program moves smoothly and there is seamless transition from one concept to another. The various topics that are covered is available in the curriculum page.

Custom worksheets
The entire program is based on teaching a concept to the students and reinforcing it by practice. Numerous worksheets (for class work and for homework) are designed and created for each and every topic. An example worksheet can be found here.

MathChamps Rubric System helps students clearly understand teacher’s expectation. This is a skills based rubric system broken down by topic, which enables the students to master a set of skills at a time.

We are partnering with Aldine ISD and with Houston ISD in implementing some of our programs.