Our Spring Location

10130, Grant Road at Canyon Rose (Opposite Cy-Creek High School)

The Method

We use time-tested techniques to assess the current level of students’ knowledge and expertise in Math and reading. These assessments aid us to customize our program to set individual goals to students to help students reach their highest potential.

Our experienced and well-trained teachers provide instruction and guidance in a nurturing and lively environment to enable students to achieve mastery of concepts, skills and processes. We will use student’s performance at school, results on our cumulative tests and the standardized test results to determine the effectiveness of our program and keep customizing instruction on a continuous basis.

Our programs are based on “Ability Level” of the students and not on “grade level”. A student In Grade 2 may have the reading skills of a student in grade 3 and so we customize our programs to challenge them continuously. Conversely, if a student is slightly behind, our programs bring them on-par quickly and help them raise the bar and perform better.

Our program is not a “worksheet-based” program where the students are on their own and do the same thing over and over again. The Math and Reading Champs Academic Enrichment Program is a teacher driven program where the teacher introduces the concept and guides the student. The student is challenged through various problems, worksheets and assignments. The teacher knows how the topics transition and make this a smooth experience for the student.

We believe that every child can be made successful!

Benefits for your child

  • High Self-esteem
  • Highly skilled in math and reading
  • Jump start in every grade
  • A drive to do challenging stuff
  • Positive attitude