Our Spring Location

10130, Grant Road at Canyon Rose (Opposite Cy-Creek High School)

Our Reading Enrichment Program

We believe that reading is a core part of education. While we all foster a love for books and the habit of reading to the child, it is important for the child to have the skills of critical reading. Drawing information from what the child reads and processing it is as crucial as children start going to higher grades. Reading to learn is what is taught by us.

After reading a small story book, a simple question like “What did Mat give Pat?” makes the student think. And then we make the student write the answer. So we inculcate the habit of writing. And the process of comprehending what the student has read has already begun!

We teach three core concepts

  • Writing – Here the focus is on improving grammar skills as the child progresses through the program. A Kindergartener learns to write the alphabet and small words and a few simple sentences. First graders use a combination of “invented” and correct spelling. They are taught some basic punctuation and use a chat book to improve their conversational writing.
  • Vocabulary building – It is imperative that children build a strong vocabulary. They need to be able to identify new words, find the words using a dictionary, co-relate it to the words they know and build their knowledge. This is done at all levels. For instance, by the end of first grade, children typically know about 150 words. They learn this through repeated exposure in reading and writing. Using this repertoire we inculcate the habit of figuring out newer words. For example, since the child knows “in”, and the sound of “ch”, the child now learns a new word “chin”. Children also start to decode new words.
  • Reading Comprehension – Reading and Reading Comprehension are two completely different things. Most of the children can read. Comprehending what the child reads is very crucial. As the child begins to go to higher grade levels, they need to be taught to read smoothly and not “word by word”. While doing this they need to comprehend what they are reading. Understanding every other subject – Science, Geography or arts – is based on how good they read and comprehend.

Our programs are ability level based and not grade level based. So you may find your second grader doing third grade exercises.