Our Spring Location

10130, Grant Road at Canyon Rose (Opposite Cy-Creek High School)


Math and Reading Champs Academic Empowerment Program

Reading and Math are inseparable. Hands-on Mathematics stimulates curiosity, engages the student interest and motivates them to learn further. Reading is a fundamental skill needed to succeed in today’s society. Information available to the human mind has increased so fast that being able to read, filter out unwanted data and comprehend the gist is one of the biggest asset.

Mathematics coupled with reading helps students analyze, interpret and communicate ideas. Our course designers and teachers understand the inter-relatedness of mathematics and the reading processes. The curriculum imparts skills like inferring, predicting, communicating, comparing and contrasting, recognizing cause and effect etc.

Motivating and engaging students to speak, question and learn new vocabulary and write their thoughts blossoms in our exploration based methodology. Our tutors take advantage of the students’ inherent wonder and inquisitiveness to develop language skills while learning math concepts!

With plentiful visual and auditory tools, hands on activities and projects, students are never bored. Becoming organized is one of the core skills that a student is taught.

We empower every student. We increase their self esteem. They are our future.

Our programs are ability level based and not grade level based. So you may find your second grader doing third grade exercises.